About Us


Arise Management, LLC is a Business Development firm which operates on behalf of its clients and for its own interests.  Specialties include:

  • General Marketing Services
  • Marketing Channel Development and Management Services
  • Product Development
  • Corporate Acquisitions
  • Real Estate Development and Acquisitions
  • Energy Acquisition and Use Management
  • Eco-friendly Building Products


William M. Hein

Prior to forming Arise Management, Mr. Hein was a senior level executive in firms whose products and services ranged from marketing services to highly engineered construction products manufacturing and marketing worldwide. Mr. Hein specializes in:

  • Marketing Channel analysis, design, implementation, and management
  • Product Development
  • General Management
  • Financial Management


Warren Shoulders

Mr. Shoulders has held multiple senior level executive positions, including President, of several large manufacturing and distribution firms whose products and services included residential and commercial construction products marketed worldwide.  Mr. Shoulders expertise includes:

  • General Management
  • Manufacturing Systems
  • Logistics
  • Brand and Product Marketing
  • Marketing Channel analysis, design, implementation and management
  • Financial Management


J. Glenn Rankin

Mr. Rankin has more than three decades of success developing commercial businesses and real estate ventures throughout the south and southeast United States.  Mr. Rankin also has considerable experience in business development for security and construction services in multiple countries, including in at risk areas.  Mr. Rankin's expertise and experience includes:

  • Commercial Real Estate Development
  • Government contracts
  • Emergency construction services


Chris Martin

Mr. Martin is a retired Colonel of the US Army.  After graduating from University of Illinois in Civil Engineering, and from West Point with a General Engineering degree, Colonel Martin served in various high ranking military positions, including:

  • Commander of the Afghanistan Engineer District for the US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Deputy Chief of Staff (Colonel), US Army Forces Command, Fort McPherson
  • District Engineer and Commander (Colonel) of the Fort Worth District of the US Army Corps of Engineers


In various capacities, Mr. Martin has led outstanding efforts in design and construction of facilities worldwide, as well as planning and execution of disaster and other critical plans for civilian and military application.

Mr. Martin's expertise includes:

  • Facilities design management (offices, residential, medical, transportation, security)
  • Construction management (US and Worldwide)
  • Government contracts
  • Emergency preparedness


Randy Cox

Mr. Cox is a successful general marketing specialist with three decades of experience in:

  • Brand Development
  • Licensing
  • Marketing Materials Design
  • Digital Marketing/Social Media
  • Marketing Channel Support
  • Commercial and Residential Building Products Marketing